Saturday, May 17, 2008

A long overdue trail run on the Yetman Trail

This morning, I went out to the Tucson Mountains (my favorite place!) and ran the Yetman Trail (Camino de Oeste trailhead) over to the Starr Pass trail and looped back. I only ran about an hour and a half because it was already heating up and I felt a little tired. I had the opportunity to run road runs with others today, but my spirit was seriously craving a trail run, so I indulged. I wasn't able to find anyone to go with me, so I enjoyed my own company (I don't even own an Ipod!) and just thought about my life, which is what I do sometimes on my trail runs. I think having to pay attention to what is right in front of me for a while (like Yoga) gets me back in the present, which is where all of the gifts of life are.
It had been 3 weeks since I did a trail run (since the Zane Grey race!) and it felt great to be out there.
Tucson Mountain Park was really beautiful today. I love the Stone House. The windows make good 'frames' for pictures. I only saw about 3 people on the trail today which was great! One guy I saw was a mountain biker who I had talked to back in February out there - he asked how my marathon (Bataan) went! What a good memory. Another female mountain biker said she loved all my pink!
The city is starting to add more trail signs and has a comprehensive plan for Tucson Mountain Park, which is great. However, that also brings more people in. I like the quiet out there.

I saw a Gila Monster on the way back to the trailhead. They are very cool looking, but poisonous. They are similar to lizards, but very large and colorful (this one was orange and black). He was about a foot or so long and wasn't interested in me at all. It was only the second Gila Monster I've ever seen out in the wild.

I ran about 25 miles for the week. I have just felt pretty wiped out, with work being full tilt right now and the rental house renovation requiring a lot of thought and attention. I figured I was tapering anyway, so it was all good! I went over to the rental house afterwards and did more raking, shoveling, and cleaning for about 5 hours. It feels never-ending over there, but it is coming along.
I'm excited about the upcoming Red Mountain 50k in Utah. Unfortunately, there is supposed to be a pretty good chance of rain in the area that day, which would be not so good in my book (born and raised in Louisiana - I'm not a lover of rain!). So, I'll hope for a shift in the weather and then just accept whatever happens!

I just love Tucson Mountain Park. Any of you Tucson trail runners want to join me out there, just email me and let me know.


angie's pink fuzzy said...

gila monsters are so cool!

i'll keep my fingers crossed you don't get rain for the 50k!

(ps have you rented out the house yet? what will you be renting it for?? my lease is up at the end of july; i'm dying to get in a two-bedroom)

HappyTrails said...

Hi Renee! Have lots of fun at the Red Mountain 50 this weekend! And hopefully no rain!