Sunday, May 4, 2008

First run since Zane Grey and thoughts on ultras...

I ran 4 miles today for the first time since the Zane Grey race. I decided I would wait until I felt fully rested, knowing that a prime injury time for long-distance runners is not DURING the race, but often the WEEK AFTER the race, when some runners jump too quickly back into their routine. I caught up on my sleep the last two days, which was great! I took Dixie Dog on my run this morning, but she really had a rough time with the heat, so we took lots of breaks. We got out a little late this morning, because I snoozed in, and it was already smoking hot by 9am.

See my 'Pinkcorker' visor? I had it embroidered before the race last week and wore it at Zane Grey. Jeff, Angie's pacer for the second half of the Zane Grey race, noticed my visor at the 17 mile aid station (while he was waiting for Angie to come in). He said, "Hey, you're Pinkcorker!" I had never met him before, but it made me smile when he said that. That is him in the picture on the right, taken at the finish line at ZG. Pinkcorker is a funny name, but it seems to describe how I feel about myself!

My run this morning went well; no aches or pains. Felt great! So, I'm looking forward to ramping up the running this week. I'm switching to morning runs before work and going to work later because of the heat.

That being said, I signed up for the Red Mountain 50k held near St. George, Utah on Saturday, May 24th. Troy from Tucson signed up, also! I think it will be a fast race and I'm looking forward to getting out there and seeing what it is actually like to RUN 31 miles. I know, I just did a 33 mile race, but as soon as I would get running during that race, a steep, rocky or non-runnable section would present itself and I would be forced to hike. I would guess I hiked about half of the 33 miles. So, I think the Red Mountain 50k will be fun. The race director I talked to on the phone was excited that some folks from Tucson were coming to his race!

I want to thank Sarah for her running blog, which gave me the confidence to believe that I, too, could do an ultra. What an inspiration! I hope she heals from her injury soon and joins me someday in an Arizona ultra! Sarah lives in Portland, OR, and I was going up there for the Forest Park 50k on Memorial Day weekend; however, the cost of airfare caused me to change plans. I hope to make it up there someday and get to meet her. Thanks Sarah!

The results from the Zane Grey race are (finally!) up; however, they appeared to have messed them up. I came in 11:03:21, which was 41st out of 64 people (yay!). Quite a few of those 64 people were 50 milers that chose to end their race at the 50k finish line instead. Anyway, I am listed as finisher #49 instead of #41. I was told at race check-in on Friday night that my number was #480. On race day, though, I was given #481. I was worried, but assumed they had things straight. Well, they didn't. I emailed the RD, who assured me they would straighten it out.

Between that and the sorry aid stations at ZG (no boiled potatoes?) I was a little disappointed. It was my first ultra, and I know a lot goes into any race, so I'll hold back too much judgement. Overall, it was a great experience. I met some really amazing people, and have already exchanged emails with 2 people I met at the race, Connie and David. What a wonderful community to be a part of.


Sarah said...

Thanks Renee! I think that's awesome you're going for another one! Having the fitness to keep it up is a great feeling. And ultra people are the best!

angie's pink fuzzy said...

yay for feeling strong and ready for another one!!!

if my knee holds up this week while running, i very may well head up to utah...i've got four other marathoner friends convinced they should come...