Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The I Love Running Post

I love to run. It is such a big part of my life; when I am unable to run, I feel a little disconnected from the world. Not only is it good for my body, but it is so fulfilling for my spirit. It eases my mind and soul. I take a part of it with me back home every time and long to return. I've already been planning my long trail run this coming Saturday - I'm going back out to the Tucson Mountains for a 22 miler. I cannot wait - I get so excited just thinking about it.
Much love goes out to my blogger friend Sarah and my Tucson trail running partner Laurie, who are both dealing with injuries (both are pool running, too). I've been there and know the frustration. Although I whined a lot the last week or so, I am thankful that I only had a cold and that it finally is going away. Today, I ran first the first time in 10 days! I'm feeling better, so I headed out to the Rillito wash for a short 4.5 mile run (mostly on dirt) with Dixie. I wanted to run longer, but didn't want to overdo it. The weather was about 75 degrees and was lovely. It felt great to be outdoors and enjoying the amazing views of the Catalina Mountains. My body still felt strong. Tomorrow, I'll probably run about 7 and see how I feel.Dixie had a great time. It had been almost 3 weeks since she had gone running, so she was happy.

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Sarah said...

Thanks Renee! I hope you have an awesome 22 miler this weekend. : )