Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Tumamoc Hill and a little Gauntlet trail

Since people aren't allowed to go on Tumamoc Hill until 5:30pm during the week, I ran a mile over to the Gauntlet trail, which is behind Pima Community College, and ran a small 2 mile loop. The Gauntlet trail has the best views of the Tucson Mountains (where I'll be doing a 22 miler on Saturday!). I then ran the mile back to Tumamoc Hill and then up and down Tumamoc Hill for 3 more miles. Tumamoc Hill has 700 feet elevation gain in 1.5 miles, so it is great training. Total run - 7 miles. It really feels great to be out there again.

Tumamoc Hill

I had a little motivation to do more hill training. I made the decision to enter the Zane Grey Highline 50k! Oh my gosh, am I crazy? Well, I also made the decision to pull out of the Forest Park 50k in Portland on May 25th. I just couldn't afford the trip. Since I was already going to ZG to pace Angie, it seemed like a good solution to my need to do a 50k this Spring. Angie was okay with me not pacing her and running the race instead! I'm so excited and nervous about it at the same time. It will be a little tougher than the Forest Park 50k, I think - a lot more climbing, and it will be a month after my Bataan Memorial Death March Marathon (I love saying that - it kind of scares people!)

Wish me luck, Y'all!


Sarah said...

I love that excited-nervous feeling. You'll do great! : )

angie's pink fuzzy said...