Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Saguaro National Monument East 8 mile run

I love a longer run in the middle of the work week! I met my friends Nancy and Lisa for the 8 mile loop out at Saguaro National Monument East, which was a real treat because I haven't been able to run much with them lately. My legs still felt a little tired from Saturday, but otherwise, it was great! It is paved, so I was able to try out my new ASICS shoes. They are so white! We saw the most beautiful sunset as we were finishing up. I love Arizona sunsets!

Unfortunately, I won't be able to get any longer runs with significant elevation gain in before the Zane Grey 50k race. My long run last weekend (21-22 miles) was the last one before the marathon on March 30th and Zane Grey on April 26th. I'm tapering now, so I don't want to do any really long runs before March 30th. And, I'll take a week to take it easy and recover after my marathon, and then it will be three weeks until Zane Grey, so...more tapering/maintaining.
Here is my crazy weekend run/race schedule for the next two months:
March 16th - Arizona Distance Classic Half Marathon
March 22nd - Catalina State Park 11 mile training run
March 30th - marathon in White Sands, NM!
April 5th/6th - recovery week - run 10 miles?
April 12th/13th- Catalina State Park 11 mile trail race/plan a hike for the day after?
April 19th - open - 1 week before the race - run 10 miles?
April 26th - Zane Grey 50k
So, I'm going to be adding lots of hills and short, steep hikes in my regimen to get me ready. I think it is super important that I give myself a little time to recover from the marathon, to make sure that I don't head into Zane Grey all wiped out. I read that it is 7,600 feet of climbing for the 50 miler, but can't seem to find the number of feet of climbing for the 50k.
I think I'll be registering this week. Eek!


Sarah said...

Your schedule looks good! I think fitting in a hike on the 13th if you feel good is a great idea. Enjoy!

angie said...

yup, get those short steep hikes in :)

info on zg: http://www.phillowry.com/zanegrey50.htm

and here's the elevation chart (it's more like cumulative 10000 for the 50m and about 7600 for the 50k - once you add in all the little ups and downs): http://www.wayne.coates.name/graphs/Zane2006.htm

Marnee said...

Hi! I'll be at the Half this weekend, too. Maybe I'll see you there. I'll cheer, "Pink Corker!"