Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Linda Vista Trail Hike

Well, I'm still a little tired from the half marathon, but decided to hike Linda Vista trail with my husband Ken anyway. We did about 2.5 miles, but it was slow, lots of rocky step-ups and quite a bit of bouldering at the end. My legs got a great workout in for such a short hike. It is approximately 1,400 feet in elevation gain in the 1.25 miles up. Linda Vista trail was beautiful. I stopped going up when I hit this outcropping behind me.

I'm trying to get my legs in shape for Zane Grey. I know I can do the distance; I'll be doing a marathon before then. However, it is supposed to be very rocky, with a lot of elevation gain, so I have a lot of work to do yet.

But, with Bataan March marathon a week and a half away, I won't be doing any more hikes or strenuous runs for a couple of weeks. I'll have about 30 miles in this week, I'll just run a few light days next week and then take a couple of days off before the marathon to rest the legs.

Feels good to be getting stronger every day.


Anonymous said...
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Sarah said...

What a great view!