Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Catwalk

After finishing my run at Luna Lake, I traveled back to Tucson via Hwy 180, which dropped into New Mexico before heading back to AZ. I did not want to take the curvy Hwy 191 back this time. Plus, I had the ulterior motive of stopping off at The Catwalk, one of my favorite places.
The Catwalk is in a very narrow canyon and the trail is a little over 2 miles total for the out and back. The name 'catwalk' refers to the original plank-board walkway, placed atop the steel pipe which carried water to an ore processing plant. Most of this is gone, although you can still see old remnants of pipe in spots, and the canyon is now a recreation area. There are steel walkways constructed in certain areas, which are necessary because of the narrow nature of the canyon and the water flowing through.
Anyway, it really lifted my spirits. Very beautiful and good canyon to go visit. One of my absolute favorite places. I love it when I am traveling and I can just stop whenever I want and have fun along the way.

I did 31 miles this week. A little lower mileage than I usually like to do, but I'm still in healing mode from the falls I took last week. The wounds are coming along, but I tell you, falling on asphalt is not good. I'm going to try to avoid that in the future. :)

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aNd! said...

That place looks very cool, somewhat reminiscent of Picacho Peak but perhaps a bit safer looking.