Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hutch's Pools trail run

Ran from Sabino Canyon Visitor's Center to Hutch's Pools and back.

Route: Sabino Canyon road to Sabino Canyon Trail. Sabino Canyon trail to West Fork. West Fork to Hutch's Pools. Return the same way.

Total distance: 15 miles exactly

Total elevation gain/(loss): 3,493/(3,491) feet

Total time out, including breaks: 3:21
On Sabino Canyon trail, overlooking the tram road:

I took a nice little break at Hutch's Pools: There isn't much water there, but there is a little. I felt pretty remote out there. I saw nobody the entire time I left the road. I kept hearing noises off the trail which were most likely little ground squirrels, but spooked me nonetheless. One thing mountain lions like this time of year in Tucson is water - there isn't much - so these spots are pretty attractive. I thought about going a little further, but it was getting pretty hot, so I turned back. I was going to take Phoneline trail on the return instead of the road, but was worried I was running out of water. I was drinking much more water today than usual.
Saw a snake on the way back on Sabino Canyon trail. I took his picture and then politely asked him to move out of the way so I could pass. He did. What a nice snake. :)
It was about 82 degrees when I started and about 93 when I finished. I ran out of water the last mile. I started with 2.1 liters. It was smoking hot out there.
I liked this run. I might do it again this Friday, July 3rd, since I am off. Anyone want to join me?

Gotta go rest up with a nap. Taking Cracker to the Canine Classic 5k, which is tonight. Her first race! More on that later.

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RunningTroysLife said...

I wish I was off friday to run hutch's w/you.
I hope cracker dog had fun @ the race!