Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Finally got one. Was going to get a larger tattoo on my back, but decided to get a small 'test' one first to see if my skin could handle it. Those who know me know that I have horribly sensitive skin. I have been wanting to get one for quite a while now. No better time than the present, I guess. Here it is, pretty fresh and red:
It didn't really hurt too much when I got it done (getting a tattoo beats a fall on the asphalt any day of the week!), but I have had quite a bit of swelling and redness since I got it. In the pic below, my ankle is so swollen, it is hard to see it. I put an ice pack on it and it looked better the next day. Cree at Red Sky Studio Tattoo Gallery did it for me. He was super nice. I think the shading will be good once it heals.

It is the infinity symbol, which, for me, has a load of meaning.

My Yogi tea bag saying tonight was this:

"Open up to infinity and you become infinity." I thought that was so weird. I had never seen that particular saying before. Hmmm...

I may hear something about it from a family member or friend or two. In the big scheme of things, though, it is really no big deal. Kenny got one, too, on his calf. It still needs a little more shading, but he had enough after 4 hours:

The whole experience is kind of cool, actually. I feel different. I'm already planning the one for my back. Not to worry, Mom. Won't be getting an arm sleeve of tattoos or anything like that. :)


RunningTroysLife said...

I'm not sure it's fair I comment seeing as I'm biased.
All in all very cool.
I'm glad it was a good experience for you guys.

Lisa said...

As I've gotten older I've come to realize that some things are really no big deal. I think I'd get one too, if I weren't such a big ninny when it comes to needles!
Your big sis