Friday, June 12, 2009

Heading to Alpine, AZ

Behind on my blogging - I went to Alpine, AZ (8,000 ft elevation) for a conference this weekend. I was by myself, but I love traveling. So, heading up there I saw 3 mountain goats (wild goats?) outside Morenci. I think that is what they are? They just scaled right up the side of this hill as I was coming around the corner... I saw about 100 deer and elk on Highway 191, the curviest, twistiest road I have ever been on (I was nauseated for an hour and a half!). It used to be named Hwy 666, Devil's Highway, but was renamed to be P.C. Many of the deer and elk were standing in the middle of the road around a lot of curvy corners. Yikes! It was a beautiful trip up. Looking forward to doing some trail running in the area over the weekend. A little training at higher altitude for Imogene!

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RunningTroysLife said...

Hope your healing up from that last crash:)