Sunday, June 14, 2009

Trail run at Luna Lake

On the way home from Alpine, I drove to Luna Lake and ran through a beautiful pine forest on forest roads. There was nobody out at all - just some cow elk! I saw this group of 4 on both sides of the loop. They were running both times. See, the animals know how to experience the wild!
Distance: 10.5 miles
Elevation gain/(loss): 2,391/(2,496) feet
High point: 8,442 feet. I was breathing heavy for the first 3-4 miles, but it was uphill on the first half. I think if I continue to do some runs at higher altitude over the Summer, I should be ready for Imogene.

I took a wrong turn at some point, and didn't realize it until the road turned into a game trail. I realized I had lost the small metal blue diamonds (on the trees marking the trail), so I backtracked and found my error. It added on about 2 miles (the loop is supposed to be 8.5 miles). I was good with that. Bonus miles.
I figured out how to not lose my chapstick! I bought it at Zombie Runner. It is chapstick (brand is called 'Cat Crap' which totally cracked me up) that is attached to a carabiner. I tuck the whole thing in my pocket, but if it comes out, it is still attached to me! I just love it when I find stuff that works. Speaking of stuff that works, yes, I am wearing shorts, not a skirt. I finally found a pair of shorts that I love! Pearl Izumi. Super comfy. I'll still be wearing my skirts, but I have to say, I'll be buying more of these. I was a little slow, but I am having some problems with a tight/sore outer shin muscle on my left leg (maybe because I tripped both times last week with my left foot?) Probably a strain. So, I babied it for the first 4 miles until it really warmed up and then it didn't bother me anymore.

I love running through the forest. Very quiet. Too quiet. I had a lot to think about today. Sometimes I pray when I run. Please God keep me safe, help me be in the moment, help me make good decisions in my life, help me be a better person. Help me see the truth about me and the world. Help me love others more.
And then, if I'm not wrapped around my own axle about stuff, I sometimes remember to thank God for the beauty that I get to see that many people never experience.
"Don't surround yourself with yourself..." ~ Yes (the band)

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RunningTroysLife said...

Hey I had some of that stuff, it's minty.
I lost it though because mine didnt come with the fancy cap.