Sunday, June 7, 2009

Trail run and another fall. Good Grief.

Shari and I ran out at Saguaro East today on the Cactus Forest trail from Broadway to Old Spanish Trail and back (about 10.3 miles). I wasn't picking my left knee up enough, which was pretty bruised and sore from the banging it took on Friday. So, on the way back, about 2 miles from being finished, I went down. Shari was in front of me, and afterwards, said that she was worried it was going to happen because she could hear me tripping a lot behind her.
However, I saw it coming, and to avoid ripping up my right hand and elbow and left knee, which were still super raw, I threw myself on my left side and onto my back, scraping up my left hand, bruising up my left hip pretty badly, and getting a few scrapes on my upper back. Shari was the best - she didn't judge me or laugh at me or anything - she just put her hand out and pulled me up and helped dust me off. Thank you Shari. Hope you are okay with me putting your picture up here - I did sneak one in of you - but you look so fit and it was such a good pic.
I wasn't even going to mention that I fell on my post, but I just really felt so thankful to Shari for being so loving about it. She just said don't be too hard on yourself - you are tired. You got that right. I'm EXHAUSTED. My emotional life has been so hard this week. I'm sad on so many levels. I'm not sleeping enough. happened. Maybe I am clumsy. Maybe I fall more than some. And, it is what it is. I'm tired of judging myself for so many things. Thank goodness for friends.
We saw 3 of those big jackrabbits, which was cool.

Afterwards, we got Robek's smoothies and I stopped at Walgreen's for some more larger bandaids (I seem to be going through them at a high rate at the moment!) and ran into Troy! He looked great, although he said he was tired. He'll be doing a 12 hour run/walk this week. Good luck Troy! He looked so much more 'grown up' since the last time I saw him. He and Poppy had a baby this year - super cute baby Zane - and I don't think he could be happier.
Well, guess I'll work on getting some rest and healing up this week.


streak said...

Sounds like you absolutely need to take a small break. Maybe you should run with old workout gloves, Karl Metzer ran the app trail wearing them and always wears gloves on runs. I do on trail runs also. Take care.

David said...

Previous comment brings up a good pt about Karl M. I thought of him and myself when I fell 2 weeknds ago getting small fine sticklers in my left palm. It's very mild, but I am now wearing gloves in the Mts on my long runs. Lifting weights or other work gets the palms more calloused also.

Howeevr I have not adopted knee pads yet and don't plan on that : )


Scott Dunlap said...

Victory marks for the trail warrior! I'm a big fan of the water bottle hand straps. They save your palms, plus give off this great Bellagio fountain effect when you hit the ground and all your water sprays out. ;-)