Monday, June 1, 2009

Imogene Pass Run

I'm in! I've officially registered for the Imogene Pass Run, which is on September 12th. The race registration opened today, so I registered first thing this morning. Last year, the race filled up in 4 days. The course length is 17.1 miles and runs from Ouray, CO to Telluride, CO over Imogene Pass, which is at 13,114 feet. Here is the elevation profile: I've thought about doing this race for a couple of years now, but I finally got up the courage. Hopefully, the weather is good; that time of year is very unpredictable in Colorado. At any rate, I better get in better shape! Probably a lot of training on Mt. Lemmon and other high elevation areas to get ready. Nothing like getting registered for a big race to up the motivation! That's how I roll. :)

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That's what I'm talkn 'bout!